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California Towing Laws that You Should Know

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

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If you live in California, or if you're just passing through, it's important to know the state's towing laws. Whether you're having your car towed or you're doing the towing, there are certain regulations that must be followed.

Here are three of the most important California towing laws that everyone should know:

Private Property Laws

In the state of California, it is legal for private property owners to have their vehicles towed without asking permission from either police or state authorities. This means that if you're parking on someone else's land and they decide at any point during your stay there that their rules apply - including no parking zones--you could get notified after being illegally parked past midnight with just enough time needed do remove all belongings first!

Posting Laws

Towing companies must post signs in public areas to legally tow your car away. These signs should be visible and measure at least 17 by 22 inches or smaller, if not then they're committing an illegal action known as "predatory towed vehicle", which involves attempting to profit off other people's ignorance of law through fraudulent practices like charging them extra fees for things including returning their wheels back after being removed from someone else’s property.

Fee Restrictions

The California state law also prohibits towing companies from charging more than one day's worth of storage costs for a vehicle, provided that the car will be reclaimed within 24 hours. This is put into place as help ensure you don't have pay overage if your pickup takes longer and should report any unusual fees immediately.

Holiday Parking Restrictions

Those who drive around town during the day will often find that there are certain areas where parking is restricted. These zones may be posted as "tow-away" or not permit street sweeping at all times, making them perfect places to avoid paying for citations from officers if you happen upon one while driving about.

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