BTS Tow offers Complete Private Property Towing Services throughout Long Beach and surrounding cities to all property types including commercial and residential complexes.

BTS Tow provides property owners, property managers and property tenants with quality private property towing services. With a focus on limiting challenges between involved parties, BTS Tow fosters an environment of compliance and not conflict. This minimizes the need for time-starved property manages to engage in parking issues and mitigate conflict resolution. BTS Tow can help you effectively communicate, warn and enforce your parking rights and responsibilities to ensure the needs of your customers and tenants are being met. They provide complete private property towing services to shopping centers, office buildings, high schools, colleges, residential complexes and municipalities. Call 562-435-0103 to learn how we can help you too.

Need a vehicle removed from your property? Below is a set of helpful questions to expedite your private property towing request.

Are BTS Towing private property towing signs posted at your location? 
Warning signs must be posted and visible for BTS Tow to legally tow any vehicle from private property. (The only exception is if the tow is to occur at a single-family residence, all vehicle wheels are on private property and the request comes from the property owner.) If the property is not signed, please complete our sign request form below or call our office at 562-435-0103 to request sign posting. 

Are you an authorized agent for the property? 
All private property tows must be requested by an authorized property agent which most often is the property owner, property manager or security representative. Unfortunately, we can not accept tow requests from tenants or guest unless the request is accompanied by a Letter of Authorization signed by the authorized property agent. 

Has the vehicle been parked on private property for more than 60 minutes? 
All vehicle must be parked for more than 60 minutes before a private property tow can occur.  

Is the vehicle completely on private property? 
BTS Tow is unable to remove vehicles under private property towing statutes unless the vehicle is wholly on private property. Vehicles that are blocking driveways or are parked partially on the street must be removed by the consent of law enforcement. Please contact your local Police Dept to assist in getting a Police officer to your location.

We also offer services for the HOA(Home Onwers Association), Security Services, Overnight Vehicles, Storage and Regular towing at great prices, and Lock Out Services and Jump Starts. 

BTS Tow is a committed partner for area commercial and residential property owners and managers in achieving parking compliance. They are dedicated to understanding the specific needs and requirements for each individual lot to ensure the best possible outcome for managers and tenants. Call 562-435-0103 to learn how they can help you too.  

Licensed By the city of Long Beach 

BTS Tow is licensed and certified by the city of Long Beach. Their facilities, trucks and staff are inspected, tested and reviewed annually to ensure their services.  BTS Tow is approved to provide private towing and impound towing services throughout Long Beach, South Bay, and Surrounding Cities.

BTS Tow will monitor ares for illegally parked and offending vehicles that need to be towed, such as:

• Vehicles blocking access

• Vehicles parked in fire lanes

• Vehicles parked in red zones

• Vehicles that are inoperable or abandoned.

• Vehicles blocking driveways, garages, or dumpsters

• Vehicles parked in spaces without the necessary parking permits

• Vehicles that are double parked or illegally parked in assigned spaces

BTS Tow offers a variety of services and products to properties that we have agreements with:

• Provide Parking Permits

• Window Decals

• Temporary hanging placards to authorize parking

• Install and maintain customized tow away signs with regulations and contact information

• Identify and paint red zones and fire lanes

• Document every vehicle tow with digital photographs

• Respond to service calls for your residents at a discount, including:
lock-outs, jump starts, tire changes, and towing

• Referrals to trusted and reliable service providers